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POS holding you back?

Did you know that more than 40% of sales at some pizzerias come via web and mobile ordering? Pizza Hut is already celebrating 20 years of online ordering, and today receives more orders through mobile apps than through their web site.

If you’re not keeping up, you’re losing business to your more connected competitors. And you’re spending more to handle the same number of orders.

Some pizzerias have dropped food costs by 5% or more with portion controls and inventory tracking at the point of sale. Others are cutting payroll costs, using the POS to enforce scheduling and overtime restrictions.

And some pizzerias are leveraging the POS database to boost sales through automated marketing campaigns.

You could be, too.

Book a consultation to see how new point of sale options can:

  • Save you time,
  • Cut labor, food, and delivery costs.
  • And attract new customers and sales.
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