Boost Business with House Accounts

By Lisa Siddons

Do you extend credit to business, schools, or charities? Extending credit through house accounts can have many benefits, especially if your goal is to increase lunchtime business.

Increased Loyalty

Allowing qualified customers (business or organizations with good credit who visit often and spend more than average) to open house accounts extends trust. This can strengthen your bond with your best customers, with an additional advantage of providing a privilege that may not be available to them at other restaurants.

Increased Spend

Guests who use house accounts often spend more. Financial guru Dave Ramsey explains in this video that when you pay cash, you can “feel” the money leaving you. Charging to an account is easy and painless. The increased spend observed with house account customers compensates for extra accounting time to manage the accounts. Reports and invoices printed from your POS further reduce the accounting overhead.

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Corporate Accounts

Advertise house accounts to local businesses to increase lunchtime order volume. A house account makes it more convenient for diners who don’t have a corporate credit card or expense account (teachers or admin staff at a school, for instance) to order food for an event.

Steady Income

Another benefit is that house accounts can help maintain a steady cash flow. Offering house account to schools, local businesses, or community groups makes it easy for these customers to do business with you. As they begin to order more routinely, you’ll start to see more predictable income from their monthly account payments.

Your POS Can Help

Once you set up house accounts in your POS, they will appear at tender time as just another payment type. The POS will track credit account limits, invoicing, and payments.

Do you already use house accounts? Have an innovative use for them? Please share your experiences with us!


Posted on Thu, Dec 03, 2015 @ 07:12 AM

Posted by Lisa Siddons

Writes guides, online help, and training content for SpeedLine POS users. An avid hiker and dancer, Lisa also enjoys learning new and exciting things.

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