3 Tips to Boost Summer Sales in Your Pizzeria

By Tricia Hoy

Summer is almost here, and customers might be turning to their barbecues more frequently now that the weather is warmer. Has this got you thinking about sales in your pizzeria?  No matter what the weather has in store, pizza continues to be a popular choice for consumers, with sales in the pizza industry exceeding $38 billion dollars, according to PMQ’s 2016 Pizza Power Report. So forge ahead with these 3 tips to keep customers coming to your pizzeria this summer:

Summer Tips:

  • In-Season Ingredients—Think fresh! Garden fresh ingredients can hold an amazing appeal for your customers. Try using fresh tomatoes, basil, watercress, or even corn. And don’t stop at pizzas—use seasonal ingredients for salads.  Don’t forget the fresh fruit—make an amazing summer fruit salad or even a dessert pizza. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so be sure to include images on your website, printed promotion and social media.

Fresh produce can sometimes be pricey. Your point of sale system can make sure you don’t lose money on seasonal dishes. Using inventory reports, you can track the actual cost of the ingredients against the selling price to determine your product margin, so you can adjust prices accordingly.

  • Promote Off Peak Pickins—While peak hours for a pizzeria are typically during the dinner hour and evening, recent trends suggest that people are choosing to snack more, and eating less during the standard three meals. So what does this mean for your pizzeria? Take advantage of off-peak sales, and offer discounts during slower times of the day, such as a 2 pm snack time. Create sharing or snack sizes of your most popular eats for the off peak hours—perfect for the pickins.

Use the marketing features in your point of sale system to promote the “off peak pickins”  and generate sales. Print special discounts available during the off-peak hours directly on your customers’ receipts.

  • Convenient Combos—Market your lunchtime menu with consistent, convenient combos. For example, provide your customer with three options at the price of $4.99: a drink, salad and slice of pizza, or a drink and two slices of pizza; or a drink, a slice of pizza, and a bag of chips or cookie. If you market the combos on a regular basis, your customer will know what to expect, and where to go to fill the snack time or lunchtime void.

Seasonal Menus

Customize the menu on your point of sale system by adding meal deals, which guide order takers quickly though selecting all the available choices for a value meal.

Customize the menu on your point of sale system by adding meal deals, which guide order takers quickly though selecting all the available choices for a value meal.

Summer sales made sizzling with the help of your point of sale system. Find out more about how to increase profit in your pizzeria:

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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