3 Ways to Cut Labor Costs Using the POS: Restaurant Management

By Tricia Hoy

One of a restaurant’s biggest expenses is labor, and it’s no wonder why. Food preparation, cleaning, cooking, order entry, and serving—so many regular tasks in a restaurant need staff attention to keep you operational. But over scheduling can lead to idle staff and increased costs. Here are just a few ways to use your point of sale system to ensure you have the right number of staff on during a shift.

To keep your restaurant labor costs in check:

Use predictive scheduling—Based on your POS system’s historical data and forecast sales, allow the system to recommend labor requirements for the coming week. Review these recommendations to finalize your schedule.

Save time on the task of scheduling itself: with flexible sorting and quick data entry, the convenient drag-and-drop scheduler in a POS system like SpeedLine should allow you to view and build your schedule in minutes. Review your forecasts and recommendations. Clone a previous week’s schedule and adjust from there. And lock clock-in and clock-out times to the schedule to avoid time clock abuse.

Forecast by day part and order type—Lunch, dinner, or happy hour—knowing your sales by day part and by hour, or even by quarter-hour, is valuable information for shift scheduling. Not only could it impact how many servers, cooks and delivery people you need on a shift, but it may also impact the prep time required for later shifts. Use the POS to gain a detailed understanding of sales by day part, hour, and order type so you can be prepared for the day.

Cross Train—Late deliveries, backlogged orders—does this sound familiar? Or have you found yourself short-handed during a dinner rush? Take the time to identify staff who can do several jobs in the kitchen. Do your drivers wash dishes between runs, take out the garbage, or clean? Do servers help with food prep if the front of house is not busy? Not only will cross-training keep staff productive during slower times, but it also prepares you for scheduling mishaps or illness. Knowing that others can share these responsibilities provides peace of mind.

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