How to Get Positive Restaurant Reviews: Tips for Pizza Operators

By Lisa Siddons

While it’s nice to hear from guests that your food and service are good, it’s even better if they tell a friend—or many friends. Here are some ways to gather and publicize good reviews and attract new customers to try your restaurant:

  1. Allow Facebook Reviews and Posts

If you manage a Facebook page for your restaurant business, allow people to add reviews or post on your page. In page Settings, turn on “Reviews” and “Visitor Posts” (and turn on “Review posts” if you want to take a look before you allow a visitor post on your wall). This lets your customers post comments about their experience at your restaurant, and add photos of your food. The obvious downside? Not all reviews may be positive. But if you respond quickly to any less-than-glowing reviews with an apology and an offer to solve the problem, what potential customers see is that you care enough to make it right. That leaves a positive impression.

  1.  Encourage Video Sharing

Encourage fans to share videos they make about having fun while eating your pizza. A contest can drive more participation: try offering a next-visit discount as an incentive. You can add customer videos to your restaurant’s YouTube channel as favorites. Once you get several, create a playlist of customer testimonial videos.

  1. Claim and Update Search Directory Listings

Positive reviews on search sites like Google, Yahoo local, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc., can have a big impact on where hungry diners decide to eat. Many people regularly check their mobile devices for recommendations before trying a new restaurant. If you claim and update your listings on these sites, posting a review is more seamless for your fans.

  1. Just Ask

If a customer is enthusiastic about your perfect dough or stellar service, take the opportunity to ask them to write a short review. To make it more likely that busy customers will take the time, suggest a specific site (one that does not require an account is easiest, unless the customer already has one—those who use Gmail will have a Google account), and use the site yourself, so you are familiar with the steps to post a review.

Provide a link to your pizzeria’s Facebook page and directory listings on your website, on emails, on customer receipts, and on pizza boxes, so customers know where to go to post a review. Give them several choices, as many people have a favorite site. Add a “We appreciate your reviews” message. Send a small reward as both a thank you and an incentive: someone willing to post one review will likely post or share another some other time.

Do you have more strategies for getting reviews? Please share them!

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Posted by Lisa Siddons

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