5 Keys to Successfully Rolling out a New Pizza and Delivery POS System

By Tricia Hoy

 You’ve done your research and selected a point of sale system for your business. The paperwork is done and installation booked. Now what? You’re eager to get things rolling, but time is short, and you’re unsure where to start.

A successful point of sale experience begins with a professional installation and through on-site training. Your POS vendor’s installation team should be in regular contact to answer your questions and help you prepare.

But what can you do before your installation to help ensure your store opening or POS transition go smoothly, with minimal disturbance to daily operations?

Need new cabinets? Plan four weeks ahead. If your planned layout requires new cabinets and counters, make sure they are installed and holes drilled before your equipment arrives. At least four weeks before your installation, choose a contractor, and schedule the work.

Have your menu ready. Included in your installation package should be a custom menu build. When the installation department contacts you for a copy of your current menu, send it immediately. Remember to include a copy of all your current (and repeat) coupons. This gives your vendor ample time to design the menu file for your point of sale system and review it with you before the installation. Getting the menu right in advance allows your trainer to focus on training you and your staff when he or she is on site.

Be network-ready. Your new vendor will provide you a network cabling plan based on the store layout diagram you sent them. Schedule any cabling and other electrical work at least 2–3 weeks in advance of your install to ensure everything is ready to plug in your new stations.

Schedule staff for training. Restaurant staff tend to be part-timers, so be sure to schedule everyone for training when your trainer is in town. Overstaff during the install and have key people scheduled to work during the first week your new system is active.

Study up. When you order a new SpeedLine POS system, one of the first emails from your installation coordinator will give you access to the SpeedLine INSITE customer web portal. Log in and take advantage of more than 70 in-depth tutorials and training videos. Learning the basics in advance will allow you to ask good questions and take advantage of your trainer’s expertise on site to dig into more advanced capabilities that can save you money.

Choosing your new point of sale vendor was a big step. keep that momentum going, and set yourself up for success by planning effectively for a seamless installation and training.


Posted on Sat, Feb 16, 2013 @ 15:02 PM.
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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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