Pizza Delivery: 7 Tricks for a Safe Halloween

By Elizabeth Kelly

Halloween is a crazy night. On one of the top five busiest nights of the year for pizza, the streets are full of little ghosts and goblins begging for candy. Are your drivers prepared?

Keeping your pizza delivery drivers (and your youngest future customers) safe on the road is always a top priority, so we’ve prepared a few safety tricks:

1. Watch for prank calls.

Use caller ID to identify prank calls from known numbers. With a caller ID system integrated with your POS system, the customer record will appear as soon as you select the incoming call. If the address given doesn’t match the one displayed on record, teach your staff to ask questions and determine the reason for the new address. Have your staff call back before assigning the delivery (a good idea for large Halloween orders too).

Use a tool like SpeedLine LiveMaps to verify delivery addresses. If the address doesn’t exist, call the customer to verify.

2. Check the condition of your drivers’ vehicles.

Your drivers’ vehicles should be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good working condition. Brakes, headlights, and tire tread are important every day to keep the vehicle occupants safe.

Halloween night, children will be excited and may not check both ways before crossing the street. Good brakes will help keep pedestrians and drivers safer in the event of someone darting out onto the road.

3. Ensure drivers check in regularly.

Not only on Halloween, but every night, your drivers should be checking in with the store at regular intervals. If a driver misses a check in (or is showing as late returning on your LiveMaps display), your supervisor or expeditor should take note and attempt to contact the driver.

This can also improve delivery efficiency overall. Watching delivery times and having your drivers check in helps keep in-store staff aware of traffic and other issues that could delay deliveries.

4. Limit the amount of cash drivers can carry, and remind them to keep cash concealed.

Set a limit on how much cash your drivers are permitted to carry at one time before they must make a cash drop at the store. Consider setting the POS system to require drivers to cash out on return from each run, so that cash on hand is not accumulating over the evening. This is a good general practice for loss prevention as well as safety.

5. Drive slowly.

Advise drivers to slow down Halloween night, especially in residential areas. Remind them that while quick deliveries are important, safety is paramount. Adjust promise times to customers as well to account for heavier volume and slower runs.

6. Don’t let your employees drive while distracted.

Canadian safety studies show that distracted driving collisions happen more often than alcohol, drug and speed related collisions combined. Encourage drivers to put their phones away while driving, use hands-free navigation if needed, and pull over if they need to make a call or send a text. Protect your customers and your business, and make a distracted driving ticket a one-strike offense.

7. Work with other pizzerias and delivery companies to identify problem areas within the city.

Other pizzerias and delivery restaurants may be your competition when it comes to sales, but they shouldn’t be your competition in terms of safety. Inform other local companies and the police about any incidents that occur, and ask for the same courtesy.

Halloween is a fun time of year and a banner sales day for most pizzerias. Work with your employees, and use all the tools at hand to help keep everyone safe.

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Posted on Wed, Oct 25, 2017 @ 08:10 AM.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kelly

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