Are your customers cheating on you online?

By Courtney de Wolde

Online ordering is far from new. But the restaurant brands who do it best may well be eating your lunch.

It’s no secret that chains make up a huge share of the US pizza market. But between 2013 and 2014, a new dynamic came into play. Over a one-year period, larger pizza chains with online ordering increased their share of pizza orders from 47% to more than 52% of US pizza sales (NPD Group).

Signs point to that trend continuing—with brands that have underperforming online ordering sites (or no online ordering at all) losing ground to restaurants and chains that do a better job of connecting with customers online.

According to PMQ, 90% of millennials regularly use tablets or smartphones, with 60% of consumers aged 45 to 64, and 34% of those 65+ following right behind. It’s small wonder that mobile ordering has become an expected way to do business—even the business of pizza.

Taking the time to understand mobile ordering technology and how it can fit into your business plan is a crucial step to winning back lost customers.

In a recent issue with the brow-raising title, “Top 100 Pizzeria Websites & How They’re Stealing Your Customers,” PMQ ranked "The Top 100 Pizzeria Websites," using several common website grading tools for traffic and relevance.

The top-scoring sites are successful in part due to sales-driving features like these:

  • Easy-to-see online ordering buttons
  • Coupons or special offers right on home page
  • Simple web design (less is more)
  • Crisp, clear, attractive photography that complements the web theme
  • Rotating banner at the top of the home page showing latest deals, online ordering button, menu specials, etc.
  • Smaller images below or beside the large banner with alternate or related information

Want to see how your pizza restaurant's website ranks? Follow the link below and take the short quiz to see your results:

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Posted on Mon, Jan 11, 2016 @ 08:01 AM.
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Posted by Courtney de Wolde

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