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Business Smarts and Community Involvement Spell Success for Pizza Ranch

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Sat, May 26, 2012 @ 13:05 PM


It started with one small pizza store in a town of 1800 people in 1981. Now, more than 30 years later, Pizza Ranch operates 163 locations in nine states. The chain, and its franchisees, have made an investment in business information and management tools with SpeedLine POS.

The partnership between Pizza Ranch and SpeedLine started more than seven years ago with installations in a number of franchise locations. Based on that experience, and a later test drive of SpeedLink Enterprise at head office, Pizza Ranch made SpeedLine the company’s exclusive POS provider.

SpeedLink Enterprise helped the corporate office automate time-consuming data collection and make decisions based on real data from all stores. According to chief operations officer Jon Moss, "SpeedLink gives us the tools we need to separate assumptions from reality."

The ability to collect accurate and timely data gives Pizza Ranch a competitive edge.

"SpeedLine is our strategic secret," Moss says. "Chains that do not want us to beat them to the finish line should get SpeedLine."

Targeted marketing, informed decision making, and unswerving commitment to people are key elements of the Pizza Ranch formula for success. Each Pizza Ranch restaurant creates strong ties with community groups such as schools, sport teams, churches and local clubs. A weekly highlight in many Pizza Ranch restaurants is fundraiser night. Each week, a local organization receives 10% of the restaurant’s sales for the evening. Staff members from the charity come to help in the kitchen and dining room, serving guests and nurturing relationships.

A rich customer and transaction history in the SpeedLink database at head office helps shape these programs, and the SpeedLine POS toolset in the stores helps franchisees administer them.

The benefits of these civic efforts are far-reaching: Pizza Ranch has become a hub for community life in many small towns in the Midwest. "When Pizza Ranch is at its best," says Jon, "it’s like the old post office of yesteryear. It becomes a gathering spot for the entire community."

And a pizza chain with a heart is bound to stand out. It’s a recipe for success the rest of the fast food world has yet to copy.

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