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Case Study: How a new POS helped a small-town pizza owner keep his doors open when others were closing around him

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Sat, May 26, 2012 @ 14:05 PM

My Father's Place POS-1Times were tough for independent pizza shops in small-town America. Todd Sichelstiel and his wife, owners of My Father’s Place in Warner Robins, GA, were starting to notice they were among the last ones standing in their town. In the beginning, Todd was reluctant to buy a computer. His staff had been urging him to get a POS system, but computers just weren’t his thing.

Although he has little love for technology, Todd has a keen business sense honed by years of experience in the restaurant industry. When he saw that a POS could help him grow his sales, he overcame his aversion and installed SpeedLine.

An online demo with a SpeedLine rep helped Todd understand the benefits of the system for his business: "My rep explained stuff well," he recalls. "She just made everything so simple. It was easy to understand." Almost immediately, they started seeing results. Todd and Dorothy had a small monthly payment for their SpeedLine purchase, but were seeing an extra $1,500 a week in sales. To them, the cost was a drop in the bucket. With a struggling economy, they were pleasantly surprised at the increase in revenue—and in overall profit when they were able to use the system to cut food and labor costs by almost 5% collectively.

Todd credits his staff for helping him figure out his new point of sale. As a Christian businessman, Todd recruits many of his employees from local youth groups. These kids like to use the system and find out what they can do with it. "They’re good kids, always friendly and smiling," he says. "My staff enjoy our POS," Todd adds. "To me, it’s quantum physics, but for these kids it’s 1+1, and they’re teaching me."

Read the whole story about My Father’s Place here.

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