Customer Displays Improve QSR Sales and Service

By Tricia Hoy

How often do order errors happen? Mistakes chew up time, waste stock, and burn good will with your customers. So how do you avoid entry errors and deliver the right order every time? Customer displays.

One step is to add a customer-facing display at the counter. The instant visual validation helps catch and correct mistakes as they happen. As an added bonus, these displays discourage theft and can increase add-on sales.

Benefits of Using Customer Displays

Improve Accuracy – Even seasoned staff can be distracted and make mistakes during rush times, or when entering a large order. Displaying the order details on a customer display allows the customer to review the order in real-time. This allows them to make changes or catch errors, eliminating mistakes and improving efficiency and profit.

Increase Sales – Pictures sell. Highlight profitable add-ons or items that might otherwise be overlooked on menu boards. Customer displays can increase average ticket size with suggestive selling. Include items such as: beverages, breadsticks, wings, and even dessert.

Use a customer display to promote current specials. Highlight deals of the day or week that customers may not notice otherwise. You can boost sales while improving customer service.

Discourage Theft – Minimize employee theft in your quick service restaurant by showing the customer what they ordered. Use an itemized list that includes the cost of each item, the total of the order as well as the change due, if paying by cash. This allows the customer to be certain the total charged by credit or debit is the actual cost of their order.

See how they work: 



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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