Driving Delivery: A POS Technology Guide.

By Tricia Hoy

For more than 80 percent of pizzerias, pizza and delivery go hand in hand. That means one of the challenges pizzeria owners and operators face on a daily basis is overseeing drivers and deliveries. Are you getting deliveries to customers on time? Is your POS technology coping?

If not, is the problem kitchen efficiency, under-performing drivers, or bad ready time estimates?

If delivery is a big part of your business, it takes constant attention and a commitment to ongoing monitoring. A point of sale system designed for pizza and delivery drives efficiency—for a more profitable delivery service.

In this new POS technology guide, learn ways to use technology tools to improve delivery efficiency—with visual dispatch, mapping, driver management, and online ordering: integral ingredients in a more profitable delivery service for your restaurant.

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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Get it right the first time.

There’s a reason pizza and delivery chains are driving the biggest changes in restaurant technology. Pizza and delivery concept restaurants are different from other restaurants, and they have complex needs at the point of sale. In this guide, gain the knowledge you need to choose the right technology fit for your restaurant.


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