Employee Management: Communicate with Confidence with In-Store Messaging

By Tricia Hoy

Scheduling changes and staff reassignments can cause communication gaps in a restaurant. Getting the right information to staff on different shifts, or to staff in a particular department or job, can sometimes be hit or miss. The internal messaging tools in your point of sale system can relieve these problems.

In the SpeedLine POS, for instance, managers have the option to send messages to all staff, to staff in certain departments or jobs, or to individual employees.  For example, if you had to remind a driver to bring in proof of insurance renewal, you could send the individual a direct message.

You also have the option of sending timed or confirmed messages. Send a message about today’s specials to all staff—but set it to expire so staff who don’t clock in for their next shift until tomorrow won’t see it. Send an important reminder or disciplinary message as a confirmed message, so the message and confirmation of receipt are saved in the employee’s file.

The employee dashboard makes it quick to message an employee who is clocked in or on break.  But if the employee isn’t working at the time, you can set the message to pop up the next time the employee logs in.

Day notes help supervisors communicate important operational notes. Make the manager on the next shift (or the person scheduling next week’s staffing) aware that a busload of ball players caused a backup in delivery orders—or a snowstorm resulted in a slew of calls but slower delivery times.

How do you use the tools in the POS system to keep staff informed?

More employee management best practices at the point of sale:

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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