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Fool Proof Value Meals

Posted by Lisa Siddons on Wed, Mar 06, 2019 @ 08:03 AM

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Value Meals and Combo DealsValue meals are popular with quick service restaurants, and their customers, because they let customers order more quickly at a discount, while increasing sales of high-margin items.

To get full value from your combo or value meals though, your POS must support fast, efficient deal ordering. At a pizzeria, this means order-taking prompts that make it fast to select meal items, but at the same time allow customers choices to craft the meal to their liking.

Prompting is Key

If your POS system is not designed to guide order entry for meal deal promotions, order takers may miss offering an upsize, a crust choice, salad dressing, or dipping sauce.

The advanced Guided Order Entry tools in SpeedLine point of sale, for instance, let you script custom value meal prompts for maximum profit—even when the phones are busy and staff are unfamiliar with the menu.

Take a look at this video example of a value meal with Guided Order Entry.

If customers order the “anchor” item in a meal, say a small pizza, the POS should prompt the order taker to ask if they want to make it a meal. This easy upsell wins add-on sales and good will by showing customers how they can get more value for their money.

See the “make it a meal?” prompt in action.

Surprise: You're Getting a Deal!

One easy way to delight your customers: surprise them with the deal. If the customer orders the items that qualify for a deal separately, SpeedLine can apply the price for the value meal automatically.

Remember to train staff to let customers know when a value meal has been auto-applied, so they can appreciate your stellar service!


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