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Franchise conference coming up? Top 5 reasons to attend.

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly on Wed, Jun 06, 2018 @ 08:06 AM

Restaurant Franchise Conference and MeetingsIf you’re a franchise operator, you’re likely invited to some form of regular meeting with other franchisees. How often does your franchise hold franchisee conferences? Once a year, every other year?

Here are the top five reasons you need to make time to attend:

1. Get the News

Understand what’s new with the franchise you have bought into. What are the upcoming marketing campaigns, policy changes, and improved procedures? How does your stores’ performance compare with trends in your region, state and nationwide?

Get caught up on any upcoming changes that may affect your location, such as new menu items, promotional strategies, and best practices.

2. Training

Opening a new franchise location is a demanding process for franchisees. You might have received extensive training up front, but over time you may have forgotten some key components. Take advantage of refresher and new courses offered.

3. Meet the Team

Get to know other franchisees. They have experienced the same problems that you have, and will have some useful insight. Word of mouth is not only local these days: your brand image can be influenced by what happens in other locations—even if they’re across the country. Help your fellow franchisees to strengthen the brand’s reputation.

4. Talk to Corporate

Take the time to connect with the corporate team. Put a face to the emails and phone calls you receive. Find out more about programs to support franchisee success. They are there to help your business flourish.

5. Meet with your Service Providers

Supplier partnerships can be critical to your profit margin, and franchise meetings and conferences offer the opportunity to talk with them face to face. In this environment, they can show you the latest technology, answer questions, and introduce new options.

Heading to the Happy Joe’s Franchise Meeting & Vendor Show or the Pizza Ranch National Conference next week? Take some time to speak with Sean Crocker, your corporate account manager, and stop by the SpeedLine booth at the vendor show to see what’s new.

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