Enterprise POS Drives Restaurant Profitability

By Tricia Hoy

It’s been a while since we looked back at our most popular posts. Today, we revisit the top On Point enterprise management post.

One key advantage large pizza and delivery chains have over smaller concepts is in-house IT expertise. Enterprise data warehousing, central administration, and analytics has been important in helping these larger companies scale their business operations and manage rapid growth.

Today, point of sale providers are equipping chains of all sizes with enterprise reporting and management tools to help them react to market shifts and competitive situations with new agility.

Too often, manual reporting from multiple locations, particularly in a franchise environment, results in inaccurate or out of date information above store. With a centralized solution and automated reporting, you can make timely decisions based on current performance information.

databasemarketing_Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at FreeDigitalPhotos.netTo manage a chain profitably, you need visibility into performance at every location, every day. An effective enterprise reporting solution automates data transfer and key reports, and gives you tools to manage restaurant menus and POS settings from a central office.

SpeedLink Enterprise from SpeedLine delivers data from the restaurants automatically into a central data warehouse for analysis and reporting. At the same time, it cuts out hours of POS administration, giving you tools to push out updated menus, upgrades, and configuration changes to your restaurant locations automatically.

Manage multiple locations more efficiently and cost-effectively. Individual and consolidated reporting for all locations from a secure central database is integral to running a profitable multi-unit business. And the ability to push out menu changes, coupons, and upgrades to a region or chain-wide saves time, money, and unnecessary administration.

Easier payroll. Payroll becomes faster to administer for multiple locations, removing the potential for data entry errors. Automated data transfer can cut hours of payroll and purchasing-related paperwork—and improve accuracy.

Effective management. With consolidated customer information from all locations, you can manage database marketing more cost-effectively. Compare training records for employees at all locations. And easily compare numbers at a high level or down to individual transactions for a single restaurant, a region, or all your restaurant locations.

Do you have the enterprise management tools to be as efficient as you could be?


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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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