Managing Access to Avoid Internal Theft

By Tricia Hoy

According to the Statistic Brain stats site, employee theft accounts for more than $50 billion in lost sales to employers in the Unites States each year, or about a 7% average of annual revenues. That’s an alarming number, and one many restaurant operators know all too well.

Statistic Brain also reports that approximately 75% of employees have stolen once, and 37.5% at least twice. Even if you trust the people working for you, those statistics mean putting the proper tools in place to protect the business is critical.

Know who’s doing what and when.

Controlling access to vital areas of your business is your first line of protection. A POS system’s security settings can give each staff member unique credentials and access. These unique logins enable the system to keep track of every employee and each transaction. The extensive audit trails in SpeedLine POS, for example, provide the information to hold employees and managers accountable for their actions. That’s essential in protecting your business assets.

Locking down system access through fingerprint scanning allows you to grant staff access to only the information they need to do their jobs. Within the POS system, you can define security roles and permissions by department, or by individual employee if required.

Keep track of physical access and actions with video security.

Restaurants often position cameras throughout the business, with most trained on employees. Tie in cameras with the POS by syncing up the clocks on the cameras and POS stations to match up footage with questionable transactions recorded by the POS, such as excessive voids or lower drawer counts, and determine whether theft is occurring.

Some POS systems integrate directly with video surveillance software, creating a searchable database of videos and transactions to speed up the detective work. This type of solution would allow you to view the actual transaction on screen for any part of the video that seemed suspicious, giving you solid visual evidence in a case of employee theft.



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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