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Online Ordering: How to Drive Traffic, Order Frequency & Ticket Size

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Sun, Apr 21, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Pizza and delivery restaurants are making more money with online ordering. SpeedLine POS users can choose from a number of fully integrated web and mobile ordering providers. Today two of those online technology partners, Real Time Ordering and Brygid Technologies, share tips on driving traffic, order frequency, and ticket size online.

Online ordering technology is transforming the way delivery and carryout restaurants do business. Owners report increases in order volume, frequency, ticket size, and service quality.

We asked SpeedLine partners Real Time Ordering (RTO) and Brygid Technology to share tips and best practices for increasing online sales:

Drive Phone Sales Online

Ed Zimmerman of RTO says, "One key to successful online order volume is to convert existing regular customers to use your online order system. This frees phone lines and staff to service newer customers who don’t know your operation as well."

Zimmerman adds, "To attract current customers to your website, print "ORDER ONLINE" everywhere: on carry out menus, signs, flyers, box toppers, business cards—everywhere ink will stick. Attract drive-by traffic to your site too: hang a banner in front of the restaurant."

Sy Bor Wong from Brygid Technologies agrees:

Uno mobile site by Brygid Technologies

"When I speak with restaurant owners, I constantly remind them that it is critical to promote and advertise to let their customers know they have a restaurant website and offer online ordering. Even something simple like: ‘Order Online Now! Mobile Ordering Available!’ can be very effective."

Wong adds, "Social media and email marketing are also very effective means to reach a wider customer base."

Sy Bor also shared this tip: "We have also seen many restaurants provide incentives to encourage customers to order online, such as offering 10% off their order or a free soda or breadsticks as an example. By freeing up your phone lines and your staff, you can handle more orders at lower cost, while reducing ordering time, errors and time answering the phones."

The Click Away Factor

Not offering online ordering yet? Consider this: web and mobile ordering for pizza today has become so prevalent that many consumers—especially in younger demographics—won’t consider picking up the phone to place an order anymore. If your local restaurant location doesn’t have a convenient web ordering site, and one that’s easy to use, they’ll click away and take their business elsewhere.

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