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Pay@ the Door: EMV Security and Cost Reductions for Restaurant Delivery

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly on Mon, Apr 16, 2018 @ 09:04 AM

Ingenico ICMP Smartcard for Pay@ the DoorHave you upgraded your payment technology to accept EMV yet? Many pizzeria and delivery restaurant owners have been dragging their feet, as a large percentage of their sales are card-not-present deliveries. For online and delivery orders, pizzerias and delivery restaurants are being charged card-not-present fees—whether they have upgraded to EMV or not. If more than half of your payments are card-not-present, it’s hard to justify the hardware upgrades for EMV.

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But card-not-present fees add up.

The solution? EMV for delivery. SpeedLine recently introduced Pay@ the Door, which enables delivery restaurants to accept card-present EMV payments at the door. Adoption of EMV technology is being encouraged by credit card companies because it reduces the risk of fraud. The benefits of increased payment security for delivery are two-fold: it’s safer for your restaurant and your customers, and it’s also cheaper for you.

Since Pay@ the Door payments are card-present, your risk of chargebacks is greatly reduced. With a compatible online ordering solution, Pay@ the Door can also replace online transactions, which carry a higher risks of chargebacks, and are currently processed at card-not-present rates by your credit card processor.

EMV is the global payment standard, and as your customers become more accustomed to it, they will begin expecting it, and its increased security, for all transactions. Today, you can deliver on that expectation.

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