Pizza POS Essentials: Prep Planning to Reduce Waste and Operational Efficiency

By Tricia Hoy


The two largest expenses any restaurant incurs are labor and inventory. The right POS system should add a new level of control in both areas. Today, we look at how prep planning based on sales forecast and history can help you control food cost and minimize waste.

It’s usually apparent at the end of the day when you have over- or under-estimated sales and prep requirements. But with the right tools and systems in place, food waste is largely avoidable.

A modern point of sale system will recommend a food preparation plan based on historical sales and manager input. Based on the prep plan, even your newest prep staff will know how many mushrooms to chop or crusts to pre-sauce before the dinner rush.

The result? At the end of the night, there’s less waste and more profit.

The POS should integrate historical data with automated planning tools. For instance, some point of sale systems can break down projections by day part or hour and by order type, such as dine-in or delivery. These systems then predict prep requirements for each prep period throughout the day, producing a detailed plan for morning and afternoon prep, for example.

If your concept includes a buffet, accurate prep planning becomes even more critical. A POS system that also projects buffet usage, prints a prep template for the buffet, and tracks actual buffet usage in inventory can shave points off your food cost at the buffet.

If you’re evaluating POS software, be sure to include a thorough review of forecasting and prep planning capabilities. Even small time-savers, such as printable make-ready-discard slips, can impact ongoing efficiency and total cost of ownership.

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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