Restaurant Industry Insights: Technology savvy makes customers not only impatient but unforgiving.

By Jennifer Wiebe

Last week, Retail Information Systems News editor Joe Skorupa shared some "epic quotes" overheard at the NRF 2013 Big Show. This insight from Lori Mitchell-Keller of SAP caught my attention.

"Technology savvy makes customers not only impatient but unforgiving."

I didn’t attend the NRF Show this year. I have no idea what the context was for Mitchell-Keller’s comment. But her point rings true in our industry too.

Your restaurant guests have new expectations.

Just a few, short years ago, pizza chains were still debating whether online ordering would ever catch on in their trade areas. Today, we live in a mobile, social, wireless world. Your guests are plugged in 24/7. And they expect you to keep up.

A few months ago, I shared a story on restaurant technology opportunities from the consumer point of view, based on an article from that great technology visionary…Reader’s Digest.

The medium is the message here: the point is that consumer technology is mainstream. If Reader’s Digest is dispensing technology advice for restaurants from the consumer’s point of view, it’s time to pay attention.

Today, your guests may still find "new" technology like mobile ordering, self-service, and social connections with the restaurant cool. Tomorrow, they’re going to expect that kind of service. They’re going to expect it to work as simply and seamlessly as their iPhones do. And they’re going to take their business to places where they can get it.


Posted on Sat, Jan 19, 2013 @ 11:01 AM.
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Posted by Jennifer Wiebe

An occasional contributor to On Point, Jennifer led the marketing team at SpeedLine from 2002 to 2018. She loves books, yoga, playing at the beach, and commenting on bad TV with her family.

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