Restaurant Management: 7 ways to Increase Lunch Sales

By Tricia Hoy

Looking for new ways to increase traffic in your restaurant during a slow lunch?  From specials and promotions to social media marketing, there are key areas you can focus on that can help, without breaking the bank. Read on for 7 ways to increase business at lunch.

The weekday daypart from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. provides an opportunity to attract business lunches, workers on lunch break, and lunchtime catering business. If you aren’t doing anything to encourage this type of business, you’re missing out on a significant profit opportunity. Try implementing any or all of these tactics to draw business diners.

Offer a power lunch special. The cost of eating out every day of the week can quickly add up. Help business guests look past a bag lunch by offering a lunch special or combo deal. A satisfying lunch at price they can afford will bring guests back on a regular basis.

Hand-deliver samples. Personally deliver samples to nearby offices just before lunch. Pair samples with menus or coupons, inviting tasters to visit your restaurant or order online.

Give Group discounts. It’s common for co-workers to grab a friend or two on their way out to lunch; I do it often! And it’s also typical for work meetings to take place off site over lunch to increase productivity in a busy work day. Encourage larger parties by offering a special deal for groups of four or more. This type of incentive can lure groups of friends and associates looking for a meeting location.

Deliver free to local businesses. When deadlines are tight, people tend to work through lunch—and ordering in to the office is common practice. Free delivery could be the lure to win more lunch sales business.

Use Social media marketing. Consider posting on Facebook or Twitter in the late morning with limited time offers and special discounts to be redeemed that day.Read the Social Media Ebook now


Don’t sacrifice customer service. One of the best ways to promote repeat lunchtime business is to train your servers, cashiers, and kitchen staff to provide friendly and speedy service.

For some ideas, read Restaurant Basics: 6 Quick Tips to Improve Customer Service.

Tap into the business customer base in your area with service and menu specials that cater to what they need. And watch your lunch sales and profits grow.

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