Restaurant Management: Is Your Delivery On Time?

By Tricia Hoy

Ask yourself, what sets your restaurant concept apart from the competition? In more than 80 percent of pizzerias—and increasingly in many QSR and casual dining operations—delivery service drives sales. But the most successful delivery operators recognize that the key factor driving repeat orders is on time delivery.

New management technology like SpeedLine LiveMaps can help you achieve delivery performance and speed of service standards:

  • Manage deliveries and drivers efficiently with visual dispatch.
  • Set accurate expectations for deliveries with smart quoted times and return times calculated based on best route in current traffic.
  • Dispatch orders and directions to drivers’ smart phones.

Particularly during peak times, managing expectations and delivery efficiency are key to ensuring that deliveries arrive on time.

In this interview, Ian's Pizza franchise owner Lexy Frautschy explains that the point of sale system helps them handle more orders—on time—with fewer drivers. Frautschy says in part:

“On our busiest days, we average 300 deliveries. On Friday and Saturday night, we get a lot of football and hockey games. We used to have five drivers lined up on those nights. But now, with staff who have been here a while and SpeedLine to help us get organized, we’ve been able to handle peak nights with just four drivers.”

At Cheezy’s Pizza, visual dispatch tools help deliver pizzas hot and fresh: “We love that we can map the deliveries to group the orders together for faster delivery times."

Dave Astarita at Gino’s New York Pizza uses a big screen LCD TV for visual dispatch with LiveMaps: “[Dispatchers] no longer have to know all the streets in our delivery territory; they can just look at the TV and see which deliveries are in the same direction to send them out."

Does your delivery service need a tune-up?

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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