Restaurant Management: Systemizing Future Orders

By Tricia Hoy

When we talk to SpeedLine users about their systems, many mention that one of their favorite tools is deferred ordering for future sales. Without proper systems, group orders for events and catering can be disorganized and confusing. Modern point of sale systems now have the ability to accept orders days or even weeks in advance—and help manage the associated prep and labor planning to deliver on those orders efficiently.

Catering drives sales. Companies, teams, schools, clubs, and churches are plum customers because of the potential for regular, high-volume orders, and a restaurant that offers the convenience of online ordering (in advance), and deferred payment options, is an attractive choice for these groups.

SpeedLine user Paul Knaysi, owner of Pablo’s Pizza in Grand Junction, CO, loves the ability to take orders in advance in the shop, too. "Sometimes we get a (sales rep) who knows they will be in town in a month, and will place their current order plus a future order in at the same time," he says. The POS system keeps track of the future order, printing it to the kitchen on the appropriate day and time.

Many modern point of sale systems can handle deferred ordering and catering in some way. Look for the extras: an easy interface for choosing the delivery date and time; adjustable reminders and ticket printing/display options for the kitchen; and a deferred order production report, which helps you with purchasing, prep, and staffing for larger orders.

Niko Frangos, part owner of several Rascal House Pizza restaurants in Ohio, credits deferred ordering as a key contributor to his restaurants’ success: "We do a lot of corporate and school lunches," says Niko, "so the ability to defer tickets and keep them organized is essential. Every day, we may have 10 to 15 tickets that are deferred orders. They might be anywhere from $50 to $1000 in value, so we have to plan and prepare accordingly. SpeedLine helps us stay organized and on time."

Extending credit to companies and groups is also easier when you have the tools to manage orders and invoices in your restaurant POS. Look for house account capabilities that allow you to extend a business a limited line of credit to use, so the person picking up the pizzas doesn’t have to carry a company credit card. Set up a billing schedule for them too, and create invoices on the fly. Convenience is a significant factor in attracting catering business.

Does your point of sale system make catering and deferred ordering easy?



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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