Restaurant Management: Tap New Sales Potential With Your Local Business Community

By Tricia Hoy

One often underused capability of your point of sale system could allow you to increase sales, build stronger relationships with local businesses and organizations, and give back to your community.

You can tap new potential for big-ticket sales to local businesses, schools, sports teams, and community organizations by extending them credit. You do this in the point of sale system by setting up house accounts for select customers.

In the SpeedLine POS software, for example, you can use a house account to set a credit limit for a customer, charge orders to the customer’s account, and generate invoices and receipts for billing and payment.

Local businesses, pharmaceutical reps who visit local hospitals, local schools, and government offices host lunches and meetings that at times require catering or a sit-down venue. Parent–teacher associations, likewise, look for community partners to help meet the needs of their school hot lunch programs, and fundraising events. You can create flexibility with these programs by offering the parent teacher associations house accounts.

When you accommodate the needs of these customers for simple invoicing solution, you make it easy for them to choose your restaurant for meetings, celebrations, school lunches, business dinners, and charity fundraisers.

The benefits?

  • Increased sales during non-peak hours
  • Building relationships with new and prospective customers
  • Recognition in your community and customer loyalty

At the point of sale, the keys are house accounts and deferred orders—which allow you to enter an order today for a later date.

Rascal House Pizza routinely puts these tools to work to serve the Cleveland business community. “We do a lot of corporate and school lunches,” says Niko Frangos, Rascal House Vice President, “so the ability to defer tickets and keep them organized is essential. Every day, we may have 10 to 15 tickets that are deferred orders. They might be anywhere from $50 to $1000 in value, so we have to plan and prepare accordingly. SpeedLine helps us stay organized and on time.”

Find out how you can boost your sales and stay organized doing it:

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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