Restaurant Operations: 5 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Display in Your Restaurant

By Tricia Hoy

Like the conductor to an orchestra, a kitchen display can help manage your food prep and streamline operations in your kitchen.

How it works:

A typical kitchen display setup includes one or more LCD displays, a digital controller and bump bar, and software to control it all (such as SpeedLine partner, ConnectSmart Kitchens from QSR Automations). Once an order is entered in the POS terminal, menu items to make for each ticket are routed automatically to the kitchen display screens at the specified prep stations or make line, in priority sequence. Once an item is completed, a bump clears it from the screen. Kitchen automation software also sets up you to customize the display attributes of every item and order. Highlight an item and order details with user-defined colors, fonts, and font formatting.

Among the benefits to your business:

  1.    Reduce costs of consumables such as paper, ink and printers
  2.    Increase speed of orders to the kitchen
  3.    Eliminate the need to print and hang or call orders
  4.    Coordinate cook times to ensure items for order are ready together
  5.    Track kitchen performance to improve quality, accuracy, and speed

Capture meaningful production data to improve operations and guest service.

A kitchen display encourages efficient prep and reports on performance to guide you to better business decisions. Built-in reports give you real-time speed of service information to monitor the status of the kitchen, and integrated alerts help you react quickly if a slowdown in the kitchen will mean late deliveries or long waits in the dining room.

Is a kitchen display right for my business?

Delivery operations benefit from improved out the door times and faster deliveries. Guests are happier because hot food arrives faster–and still hot. Table service restaurants rely on kitchen display systems to improve ticket times, table turns, volumes, and food quality while eliminating costly printers, as well as the need to manually time and call out orders from a central kitchen location. Arrange a demo to see how a kitchen display system could work with SpeedLine POS to streamline operations in your restaurant:

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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