Restaurant Operations: 5 Tips to Successful Staff Contests

By Tricia Hoy

Sales contests can boost sales and engage and motivate staff at the same time. Higher sales and lower turnover? Sign me up.

Contests are easy to implement and track using your POS system. Try designing contests that drive sales, encourage creativity in the kitchen, or reward staff for cutting costs. An employee contest can be a great way to increase sales of high margin items such as breadsticks, wings, desserts, and beverages.

A few ways to get started:

  1. Top Average Order – Average order size is a key factor in overall profitability. Track average ticket size-by-employee using the employee sales reports in your POS system, and reward your top seller.
  2. Feature Item – Train staff on how to present a new or featured item and track the sales impact in your item and category sales reporting by employee.
  3. Shift Competitions – Create a friendly rivalry: use hourly measurements from the hourly item sales report to track and reward team sales success by shift.
  4. Reward the Whole Team – When goals are met – it’s time to celebrate. Reward the whole team on occasion as a great, team-building surprise.
  5. Include everyone – Brainstorm ways to include all staff in contests. This could mean creating pairs or teams, or even different types of contests for behind-the-scenes staff: How about a waste reduction contest?

SpeedLine user Lexy Frautschy, owner of Madison, Wisconsin-based Ian’s Pizza, takes contests and rewards a step further with profit sharing. “We run both formal and informal competitions,” says Frautschy. “We share the profits, so people are motivated to do well. And outside of bonus payouts, we do lots of parties and staff trips. It keeps morale up and creates a great atmosphere and low turnover.”



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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