Restaurant Operations: Reduce Waste with Inventory Management

By Courtney de Wolde

Does your staff keep track when food is burned or spilled? Or is it just wiped it off the counter and thrown into the garbage without a second thought? Making efforts to understand where your waste is coming from and implementing strategies to limit waste can have a positive impact on your restaurant’s profits.

Implementing these 3 steps can help limit waste production in your restaurant:

  •         Enlist management and employee support.
  •         Understand and keep records of waste.
  •         Evaluate your success and make adjustments as needed.

There are tools to help in your POS software. If you already incorporate regular physical inventory checks, and make a point of using good portion control techniques, you are ready to incorporate inventory software into your kitchen. With SpeedLine Inventory, end of day reports show you exactly where there’s a gap between the stock you should be using (based on sales and recipe information recorded in the POS), and what you’ve actually used. That gap is called variance, and it helps you zero in on areas where you may be losing money through waste, mishandling of food, or even theft.

Once you’re tracking ingredient costs and recipes with SpeedLine Inventory, you have new visibility into the profitability of your menu items. The Product Margin report shows where your food costs are out of line with your pricing, so you can make adjustments to ensure adequate margin.

Dave Howey, CEO of Nancy’s Pizza/Al’s Beef, understands that significant savings can be realized using a POS inventory management tool . “Using SpeedLine Inventory, we have saved an average of 5% off of food cost. That’s BIG,” says Howey.

Find out more about how you can minimize waste and increase profits in your restaurant:

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Posted by Courtney de Wolde

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