Restaurant Operations: Why Some Chains Certify Staff to Train and Support the POS System

By Tricia Hoy

In the field: Milo Buckingham - Papa Murphy’s Canada

Restaurants typically rely on their point of sale vendor for installation and support services. But some chains take the extra step to help franchisees cut costs by certifying their own staff to handle POS installations, training, and in some cases technical support.

The SpeedLine Certified Technician program equips a chain’s own selected staff to provide these services for their restaurants.

Not only are there cost savings across the chain, but having a SpeedLine Certified Technician on staff offers flexibility. It allows the chain to tailor the POS configuration and training. Tapping into the expertise of staff who have in-depth knowledge of how the business operates. The organization saves time and money, and can easily work within its own schedule and parameters.

We recently interviewed Milo Buckingham, Director of Field Operations for Papa Murphy’s Canada. He shared the difference his perspective makes for trainees at Papa Murphy’s Canada franchise locations:

“I’ve been through the SpeedLine [certification] training, and it is great training,” Milo says, but adds, “With me coming in, it’s not training them how SpeedLine works, it’s how Papa Murphy’s uses SpeedLine.”

“it’s not training them how SpeedLine works, it’s how Papa Murphy’s uses SpeedLine”

Certification training takes the chain’s IT staff through the same comprehensive training and rigorous testing that SpeedLine Support technicians complete. Once this training is complete, the chain’s SpeedLine Certified Technician are well prepared to configure and install POS systems. And train restaurant managers and staff.

And beyond the initial installations, with one or more SpeedLine Certified Technicians on staff, second level support may be another cost-saving option. In this model, in-house Certified Technician(s) field support calls from the stores—with backup from SpeedLine. As well as online resources in the SpeedLine Certification Center and knowledge base for tricky issues.

While many restaurant companies elect to have their SpeedLine Certified Technician provide direct support for the POS, others, like Papa Murphy’s Canada, focus on installation and training, leaving technical support to SpeedLine.

“I am very happy with the support,” Milo notes. “It’s not [only] when something goes wrong: it’s when I don’t know how to do something, or I have a question. That support network is there, and from a corporate standpoint alleviates a lot of pressure from us, knowing that the support network is there for the franchisees.”

“And the fact that I don’t hear any complaints means its going well.” Milo says.

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