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Seasonal Menu Changes | Restaurant Operations

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly on Wed, Sep 20, 2017 @ 11:09 AM

The side of a cheese and olive pizza perfect for fall.As we move into the new season, many restaurant operators are pulling summer features off the menu and replacing them with fall favorites. Seasonal promotions and featured menu items are a good way to keep traffic coming into your restaurant—especially if new features catch on.

Spread the Word

Adding a new menu item only helps you if your customers are aware of it.

A few ways to promote new menu items:

  • Send coupons that include seasonal menu items,
  • Feature them on your social media, and
  • Make sure they are listed on your in-house and takeout menus, and on your website.

However you market your restaurant, make sure you are getting the message out about your newest menu features.

Update Prices

One way to deflect attention from price hikes is to update your prices as you are making seasonal menu changes. If you are bringing back specials and features from previous years, take the time to recheck food costs and adjust prices to reflect changes. 

Be Consistent

New menu items are exciting, but that doesn’t mean you should stop promoting your best sellers. Change up a few menu items, but keep the staples and favorites.

SpeedLine user? Use the sales reports and Item Sales Summary tool in Store Manager to track sales of new items. If a new item is performing particularly well, consider adding it to your regular menu. Watch the impact on sales of other items as well, and consider how you might change up bundle offers to take advantage of a trending menu item.

The Logistics

A successful menu addition takes effort. By the time you source new ingredients, train staff, craft the perfect recipe, and update the POS menu, it can be a lot of work for a limited time offer.

SpeedLine user? Handle the menu updates all in one step: set start and end dates on seasonal menu items or promotions. Once the offer is over, the button will disappear from the menu. And if you want to bring back your popular pumpkin spice breadsticks or heart-shaped pizzas next year, you can quickly reactivate these seasonal items on your menu panels.

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