SpeedDine: Simple Online Ordering for NYPD Pizza Hunter’s Creek

By Elizabeth Kelly

In January 2018, Jeff Longo opened a second NYPD Pizza Orlando location in Hunter’s Creek. After years of not offering online ordering for his delivery and takeout customers, Longo decided that his new point of sale system would have to have that option.

NYPD Pizza Hunter's Creek SpeedDine

It had to be simple for the customer

“Customers had been asking for online ordering,” Longo says. “A good percentage would call in, but some people would not order by phone. We didn’t offer online ordering, and they didn’t want to call or walk-in. So they didn’t order from us.”

In September, after months of fine-tuning, the SpeedDine online ordering website for NYPD Pizza Hunter’s Creek went live. Longo wanted a website that was simple for his customers to use. “It’s got to be easy for the customer, or they’ll give up and go somewhere else,” Longo explained.

There’s been quite a bit of excitement around the new website. Longo estimates that in the past two months, 8-9% of his orders have switched from call-in to online ordering. He expects that number to grow as he promotes the website.

 NYPD Pizza Hunters Creek Online Ordering Case Study

And easy for staff

Longo also wanted to ensure there was proper communication between his store’s point of sale and the online ordering service. He had used third-party aggregator sites in the past, and ran into problems with missed orders and errors. Having their online ordering service correctly integrated with their SpeedLine point of sale was crucial.

“There’s no noticeable difference in the kitchen between orders taken on the phone, and orders made online,” says Longo. “They all go directly to my QSR kitchen monitor system the same.”

So far, Longo’s experiment with online ordering has been a success. “Customers compliment us on how easy the website is to use and follow.”

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Posted by Elizabeth Kelly

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