Stay Ahead of the Game with Prep Planning

By Tricia Hoy

Are you looking for ways to continually improve operations in your restaurant?  Planning tools in your POS use estimated sales data, plus any adjustments you make for upcoming events, to plan for the future.

With the increase in temperature during the summer, prep planning has become an important function to decrease the possibility of food waste—and ultimately, loss of profit. Prep planning tools help you systemize food preparation so that even your newest staff can prepare efficiently for the day.

In SpeedLine, a step-by-step wizard helps you define which items to include in the plan. You can easily specify the day part in which the item is to be used, the time that the food prep needs to start, as well as the time that it takes to complete the preparation, and whether or not to pre-sauce your items, such as pizza crust or chicken wings.

Does your restaurant include a buffet? The SpeedLine Buffet Planning tool ensures you have enough to feed hungry guests, while minimizing waste.

As a business owner, good planning translates into a reduction in food waste and more control over your food costs. Ask us how you can apply Prep Planning and other SpeedLine Operations Planning tools like Scheduling and Sales Forecasting to your restaurant:

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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