Systemizing Upselling: A Best Practices Guide

By Tricia Hoy

Training staff to upsell consistently is, frankly, an uphill battle. But when it comes to selling more, restaurants have an great advantage over other businesses. Your guests typically won’t take suggestive selling as a pressure tactic. In fact, they will usually regard upselling as good service. Often they believe they're getting a better deal for their money.

That’s why in a recent Caterer and Hotel keeper survey, 83.6% of restaurant operators agreed that teaching your staff to upsell was "highly effective" in increasing order size and profitability.

Upselling: So how do you teach your part-time, teenage staff to sell more?

In Orders Upsized, the new Restaurant Operations article, learn best practices to:

  • Script upselling prompts into the order process
  • Tailor the point of sale system to increase ticket totals
  • Use directed order entry to encourage upsizing
  • Use digital displays to upsell your products
  • Package high-margin items to boost order size and profits

Download a concise guide:

Orders Upsized: Upselling at the point of sale



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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