Technology Drivers for Efficient Restaurant Delivery Services

By Jennifer Wiebe

In a world where there are soon to be more smart phones than people, mapping and navigation apps are an everyday part of our lives. We’re finding new ways to understand the world around us through maps: with mashups that let us explore real estate listings in a map, street and satellite views of our neighborhoods, and data maps that help us view complex topics in new ways.

In the world of pizza delivery, map technology is changing the way we dispatch drivers, control delivery costs and charges, and manage delivery performance.

This week, SpeedLine introduced a new mapping solution called LiveMaps. An online mapping tool, it provides the maps and turn-by-turn delivery instructions that many delivery operations have come to rely on—especially for new drivers. It provides some new capabilities, too—from auto-mapping accurate delivery zones by drive time, to heat map reports—and it geocodes and verifies delivery addresses.

But the real value this new mapping tool gives restaurant operators is instant, visual insight into what’s happening with deliveries.

SpeedLine LiveMaps

On a map opened from the Dispatch screen, or on an optional interactive expeditor station, you get a live view of current deliveries and zones. Quickly sort and group by location for efficient delivery; see key stats on each waiting order in a map view that’s simply more intuitive than a list of orders on a screen. Push the map view to a big-screen TV mounted on the wall, and staff can easily see current orders and zones from anywhere in the kitchen.

"The mapping is awesome," says SpeedLine user David Astarita of Gino’s New York. "It’s especially helpful in teaching employees how to dispatch deliveries. They no longer have to know all the streets in our delivery territory; they can just look at the TV and see which deliveries are in the same direction to send them out."

It’s more than delivery directions: it’s real-time information in a visual, instantly accessible form that you can use to speed up deliveries and improve overall efficiency in the restaurant.

Can you see your delivery costs dropping?


Posted by Jennifer Wiebe

Occasional contributor of On Point, Jennifer led the marketing for SpeedLine from 2002 to 2018. She loves, books, yoga, playing at the beach, and commenting on bad TV with her family.

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