Technology Trends Shaping the Restaurant Industry for 2015

By Tricia Hoy

It’s a New Year, and for most of us, a time for reflection and planning. We all want to start fresh, with new ideas and new perspectives. And for restaurant operators and service providers, there’s no better time than now to look at technology trends that may spell change—and opportunity—in the coming year.

Technology is on trend for 2015:

EMV. A recent Hospitality Technology report highlighted EMV as a major driver in POS upgrade plans for 2015. With data breaches at P.F. Chang’s, Dairy Queen, Jimmy John’s, and far too many pizzerias in 2014, and the payment industry’s October 2015 deadline for EMV compliance, the risk of liability for a breach is outweighing the cost of upgrading. According to the report, adding mobile capabilities and prepping for EMV is prompting 47 percent of restaurants to look at POS upgrades.

Mobile Ordering. Mobile ordering is increasing in popularity, stealing “order-share” from phone-in and online ordering at leading pizza and delivery brands. A convenience for your customers, mobile ordering apps also build sales by collecting customer data for targeted marketing.

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Guest-facing technology.  Although servers will always play a role, guests will take advantage of the ability to place their own orders at more restaurants in 2015. QSR brands are investing in countertop and standalone kiosks to shorten wait times, and dine-in concepts are installing tablets at the table. The less time your guests spend waiting, the faster you can turn tables.

To a large extent, 2015 restaurant technology trends are being driven by external factors: security and liability on one side, and your customers’ obsession with mobile convenience on the other. What tech changes are you making for your business in 2015?


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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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