The 10 Commandments for Driving Restaurant Profits Using Technology

By Tricia Hoy

You have a lot on your plate: From employee management to the daily operational responsibilities of running a restaurant (or multiple locations), keeping your head above water and driving your restaurant profits takes discipline and attention to these operational and marketing essentials.

Manage food costs effectively. Reduce mistakes and waste by putting a point of sale system to work for you. By taking advantage of inventory and portion control features, and the built-in audit controls for loss prevention, you can shave more points off your food cost and increase your restaurant profits.

In this Pizza Marketplace case study on Nancy’s Pizza, the bottom line impact was a 5% reduction in food cost chain-wide.

Cut labor costs and maximize efficiency. Your restaurant POS should track employee hours and multiple jobs and pay levels. Use the system’s sales forecasting and labor planning tools to predict sales and staffing needs to meet labor targets. An integrated scheduling toolset predicts and helps you plan for the volume of business you can expect each day, each hour. A delivery-focused POS system such as SpeedLine can even break down the forecast for delivery, carryout, and dine-in.

Use social media. Your customers are online, and if you haven’t yet jumped into social media to market your business and brand, you’re likely missing out. You’ve always known the power of word of mouth. Today, word-of-mouth marketing is happening online, through conversations and sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Offer online ordering. Online ordering technology is transforming the way delivery and carryout restaurants do business. Owners report increases in order volume, frequency, ticket size, and service quality. If you haven’t already, connect your Web ordering site with the POS system in your restaurants. A cost-effective way to drive new business, online orders in some studies trend 17% higher ticket totals than phone orders.

Streamline delivery operations. Delivery is one of the most difficult areas for restaurant operators to manage efficiently—yet 83% of pizzerias rely on it as a key source of revenue. If delivery is a big part of your business, it takes constant attention and a commitment to ongoing monitoring. A POS system designed for pizza and delivery makes it a lot easier.

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Work the customer database. For a delivery operation, the customer database is the core of the point of sale system. With the proliferation of loyalty programs, even take-out and table service restaurants are profiting from building and marketing to a database of customers. Targeted marketing to customers is seven to ten times more effective than bulk mail promotions, and pizza delivery operations are rich in customer information. So database marketing is a perfect fit.

Use "Locks and cameras" for loss prevention. No matter how well you know your employees, you need to be aware of how prevalent employee theft is in restaurants. Recognizing the signs is important; having tools in place to prevent theft is even better. While restaurants haven’t found a way to completely stop the problem, savvy operators rely on their POS systems to help block common avenues to theft. Talk to your POS provider about in-depth reporting and alerts to spot ticket edits and voids, options for integrating security cameras with transaction data, and the ability to control access to the system with biometric technology such as fingerprint sensors.

Sign a support contract that pays. With any technology solution, great support and ongoing training are critical. Do your research, and choose a partner with certified trainers and technicians, live support, and an exemplary track record for customer satisfaction. You understand how important a reliable, effective POS system is to your operation: protect your investment with a solid support contract.

Prolong hardware life. Your POS is not a one-time purchase. While a regular support contract will keep your software up to date and operational, the trick to prolonging POS hardware life and avoiding associated data loss is regular maintenance.

Read Maintenance Tips: A Longer Life for Your Pizza POS System to learn more.

Stay on top of it. In some ways, restaurant owners and operators today are smarter. It’s not that you’re more intelligent than the previous generation of restaurateurs, but you do have an advantage they lacked: in-depth insight into your customers and business from your POS system.

Restaurant Management: Smarter Operations Through POS Analytics offers more on applying this insight to your business.

What additional technology ‘commandments’ do you stick by?

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