The Inside Track to Managing Pizza Inventory and Food Cost

By Tricia Hoy

Most restaurant operators recognize that inventory is like cash on their shelves. Waste, over-stocking, theft and spoilage come right off the bottom line—often to the tune of thousands of dollars per year. But the right software can identify where this shrink is happening so you can eliminate it. Trouble is, many applications fall apart in a pizza environment.

Restaurant chains have long realized that effective control can make the difference between success and failure. But a pizza menu introduces complexities that can make inventory difficult to manage.

Unlike the typical restaurant application, a system designed for pizza easily tracks ingredients even for menu items built on the fly—such as create-your-own pizzas and half-and-half orders that pose a challenge for traditional inventory software.

In most restaurant systems, the only way to track inventory accurately for these "custom-built" menu items is to define a separate recipe for every possible combination of toppings, crusts, sauces, and sizes. That’s not possible for most pizzerias.

Adding to the complexity, most pizza operators vary topping weights based on the total number of toppings. As a result, a pizza inventory system has to be designed differently. At the core of a pizza inventory system is a unique matrix that simplifies tracking for pizza toppings, crusts, and other variables in a create-your-own menu. It is a relatively simple tool to use, but virtually impossible to add into an system that is not designed with custom-built menu items in mind.

With pizza-specific inventory software, portion controls such as weights on your make tickets, and other loss prevention tools in your point of sale system, you can gain a new level of control over food costs. The right software and systems will allow you to tie up less capital in stock, reduce waste, and improve margins.

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Controlling Food Costs

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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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