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The Lure of the New: Why One Restaurant Operator Switched POS Vendors—and then Switched Back to SpeedLine

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Mon, Nov 03, 2014 @ 14:11 PM

The Lure of the New: Why One Restaurant Operator Switched POS Vendors—and then Switched Back to SpeedLineEveryone is attracted to new.

At SpeedLine, we are blessed with loyal customers—restaurant operators who have used our software and services for a decade or more. But they are constantly bombarded with marketing messages from competing point of sale companies.

Over time, the tried and true can start to look tired next to the shiny, new promises from other vendors. So they start to question: “What am I missing?” And eventually, some of them give in to the lure of the new and make a switch.

It’s human nature. No doubt it happens with your loyal customers, too.

But where your customers might try out a competing restaurant and then decide to come back to your store the next week, for our restaurant operator clients, it’s not always that easy.

That’s because switching technologies is expensive: it typically requires a significant capital investment. So when restaurant operators make a switch to a new POS system and then realize that newer isn’t necessarily better, they can be left with a costly proposition.

This week, we talked with a SpeedLine user who put a toe in another pool—and then switched back.

Pasta Mia logoFor Pete Caruso, owner of two Chicago-based restaurant concepts, operating restaurants is a way of life. Never one to go into anything unprepared, Pete still owns and operates every restaurant he’s ever opened, and he’s proud of each success.

In 2013, Pete and his partners decided to expand on their Pasta Mia family restaurant brand, and opened Pranzi, an upscale modern dining room with a bar and pizza room. His point of sale choice? Based on advice from his new manager, rather than installing SpeedLine in the new concept as he had in his existing locations, Pete chose a POS system built for dine-in and bar service. It quickly became apparent that the new point of sale couldn’t handle the complexities of his pizza menu, and within two months he had replaced it with a SpeedLine system.

It was a costly mistake, but one that Pete chalks up to a lesson learned.

Pasta Mia restaurant frontAs Pete and his staff soon realized, SpeedLine’s graphical table service suited his dine-in concept as well as it did his take out and delivery restaurants. He needed a POS that would work well in every area of the business, and SpeedLine fit the bill.

While the cost was painful, Pete is happy he switched back: “My employees complained from day one about the [competing] POS. Since bringing in SpeedLine, everyone’s happy!”

Have a story to share about switching point of sale providers? Send us an email and tell us about it.


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