Top 5 Reasons POS Support is Vital to Your Restaurant Business

By Tricia Hoy

It’s the dinner rush, and your phone lines are jammed: What do you do when your point of sale system goes down? Thankfully, system outages are uncommon, but doesn’t Murphy’s Law seem to apply here? If a power outage, aging hard drive giving up the ghost, or a simple user error is going to take down a system, chances are it won’t happen at a good time. And without support from your POS vendor, getting back up and running can be difficult and time-consuming.

Immediate assistance with even the simplest of issues. A support contract gives you live phone support when you need it. No time is a good time for a computer problem, but when it’s critical to be up and running to accept orders and take cash, you need a reliable support technician to make it happen immediately.

Training. Chances are, when you installed your POS system, staff quickly learned the basics—but you likely found you didn’t have time to absorb all the back office capabilities. Ongoing training is critical to help you take advantage of those cost-saving features. That’s why online training videos and tutorials, personalized phone training, and webinars may be the highest value benefit of your support contract.

SpeedLine user? Have you tried SpeedLine INSITE? This customer website (free with your support contract) includes more than 90 online training videos and tutorials, an in-depth searchable knowledge base, discussion forums, a store, and more. Take a tour.

Upgrades. New technology is driving change in the restaurant business, and a support contract with your POS vendor keeps you up to date with the latest version of your point of sale software. For many, the cost of maintaining your POS software is worth more than the cost of support; it’s a small investment in security, PCI compliance, and new cost-saving features for the restaurant.

Warranty assistance. Dealing with a hardware issue can be frustrating. Does your POS vendor facilitate hardware service and warranty returns?

Peace of mind. This really goes without saying, but needs to be included in the top 5. You have enough on your plate; managing downtime with your POS shouldn’t be a concern.



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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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