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Under the hood—the technology behind your next POS

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 10:12 AM

Under the hood—the technology behind your next POSRestaurant owners will agree: it pays to invest in your future growth. Finding a point of sale partner with a track record for investing in ongoing development to keep you ahead in the technology race is one important way to do this.

A complete technology overhaul of the SpeedLine development platform this past year was that kind of investment: to help pave the way for new innovations to support our clients’ future growth plans.

A persistent complaint we hear from restaurant chains is that they have felt hamstrung by their past point of sale choices, and are looking for a scalable, open architecture alternative.

To address that concern, in the new SpeedLine 7 we focused on ensuring that our restaurant clients' investment in POS software gives them the flexibility to take advantage of new technology trends rather than limiting their options.

The next generation of POS technology is becoming the hub of a restaurant information network. Restaurant companies increasingly rely on the ability of their point of sale software to connect with external systems and new web and mobile technologies.

Today, restaurant companies use SpeedLine integration toolkits to connect the POS with more external systems—from mobile ordering to business intelligence to accounting and payroll. And they are asking for even more data sharing and integration options. So nine months ago, SpeedLine made the decision to focus the entire development team on a complete overhaul of the company's development platform: an investment in the future.

The overhaul included upgrades to the development platform, database, and reporting engine. Performance, security, and quality audits touched every line of code to ensure reliability. Upgrades will support integration with new online and mobile services, platforms, and peripherals.

The project also addressed restaurant clients' long term cost of ownership, with performance enhancements to extend the lifespan for legacy hardware.

SpeedLine 7 technology upgrade

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