Valentine’s Day: Promotions that Cater to Couples

By Elizabeth Kelly

Are you preparing special promotions for Valentine’s Day? Many couples make plans to eat out on Valentine’s Day—the biggest date night in North America.

Delivery Promotions

  1. Send pizza.

While most people love to receive chocolates and flowers, many would be even happier with a surprise lunch delivery. Allow pre-payment, and the option to include a personal note from sender to Valentine.

  1. Offer up everything – including the flowers.

Set up a meal package that includes flowers and chocolates with the delivery.

Dine-in Promotions

  1. Dinner for two.

A reservation only, set menu for two will draw in couples looking for a romantic (and hassle-free) date night. Include appetizers, the main course, and dessert.

  1. Dinner and a movie.

Take a page from Pizza Pizza’s book and bundle in movie tickets with the purchase of your Valentine’s Day special.

Online Offers

  1. Get social.

Run a social media contest encouraging customers to use your chosen #hashtags and tag your restaurant. Offer up prizes such as date nights or a free meal, or team up with another local business to offer more prizes.

Looking for ideas? Check out last year’s Pieology #LoveThyPie campaign, encouraging customers to share a video of why they love your pizza.

Many restaurants run similar Valentine’s Day promotions each year, either offering up specials for one night only, or deep discounts. If you offer heart-shaped pizzas every Valentine’s Day, re-entering the promo item, pricing, and discounts into the POS every year is time consuming. Limited time offers in your point of sale menu allow for different pricing on certain days or during certain hours (such as happy hour or lunch specials)—and it’s easy to disable and save a menu item or coupon to reuse next year.

SpeedLine customer? Consider saving the promotion as a price group in SpeedLine Menu Designer for future use.


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Posted by Elizabeth Kelly

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