SpeedLine Inventory

When the till is short at the end of the night, do you look for the missing money?

Of course, you do. If you want to stay in business, tracking your cash is a must.

And that’s exactly why savvy restaurant operators track inventory. Stock is cash on your shelves, and waste, over-stocking, theft, and spoilage immediately impact the bottom line—often to the tune of thousands of dollars a year.

There’s no question that inventory control software can save you money. Leading restaurant chains know this: "Cash, labor, and food costs are our primary controllables," says Gina Hollingshead, Vice-President of Management Information Systems at Pizza Hut Rage Inc., a 105-unit franchise based in Wichita, Kansas. "We would not consider any POS that did not include inventory management tools."

Gina led the conversion of the chain’s existing inventory system to SpeedLine POS. When asked if inventory tools have helped cut waste, she says: "Definitely. It’s easy to see by category and ingredient where you’re over-prepping or using either too much or not enough ingredients."

SpeedLine Inventory is designed to handle create-your-own and half-and-half pizzas—menu complexities that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle. SpeedLine Inventory accurately calculates topping usage—based not only on pizza size, but also on the number of toppings—without requiring you to define a separate recipe for every possible create-your-own combination.

Plan for Profit with Intelligent Inventory and Prep Planning — built for pizza by SpeedLine.

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