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Chicago Franchise Systems tapped into SpeedLine portion control and inventory tracking capabilities in their Nancy's Pizza concept. The result? 

"Food cost is down 5% chain-wide. That's BIG." 
– Dave Howey, CEO, Chicago Franchise Systems

At Stuft Pizza in California, SpeedLine systemized upselling, scripting upselling prompts into the SpeedLine order screens to drive add-on sales. 

"Sales up 20% in two months."
– Jose Raposo, Franchisee, Stuft Pizza

At Diana Cline's award-winning Winnipeg pizzeria, SpeedLine point of sale streamlines marketing and operations. 

"We’ve tripled our sales, eliminated pricing errors, reduced makeline mistakes and lowered our food cost, while collecting an extra $40K in delivery fees since our installation. We work less hours, with less stress, and have more time.” 
– Diana Cline, Owner, Diana's Cucina & Lounge

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