SpeedLine 7.2 Updates: Included in the Latest Release

  • SpeedWeb is now hosted on Windows Internet Information Server, reducing the frequency of SpeedLine upgrades for PCI. (R800)
  • New integration with Punchh loyalty. (R800)
  • Quoted times print on labels. (R800)
  • Secure deletion of fingerprints to comply with legislation. (R800)
  • Terminal can accept preauthorized payments from Connect providers who process with Vantiv.
  • Set preferred starting menu panel per station. (R700)
  • New options for determining whether an order meets minimum charge. (R700)
  • A coupon can be set to apply only to online orders. (R700)
  • Pay Period Details shows hours out of store for easier worker's comp reporting.(R700)
  • Lazy Customers report shows "days delayed" from usual buying pattern. (R700)
  • SpeedLine Connect better handles value meals. (R700)
  • LiveMaps: Support for Bing Maps v8. (R600)
  • Enhanced LiveMaps display: ETA can be shown on push pin labels; labels are hidden for unselected tickets; driver summary shown at top of map for on way tickets. (R600)
  • Complimentary Discounts report shows employee name. (R600)
  • Better handling of deferred tickets with expired coupons. (R600)
  • Prompt for tip as a percentage of the bill on EMV PIN pads with Monetra. (R600)
  • Schedule an upgrade to run up to 24 hours later. (R600)
  • Menu button image library expanded. (R600)
  • SpeedLine Connect now runs as a Windows service for faster online order processing, even if Terminal is not running. (R500)
  • Define which menu elements, including modifiers, value meals, menu panels, groups, and prices, will appear in the menu for a Store Group. (R400)

For more details about this release, see What's New in SpeedLine v7.2 Updates, and the v7.2 Release 800 Release Notes.

To see a full list of previous releases and the highlight features of each, visit the Upgrades page.


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