3 Ways to Systemize Upselling at the Point of Sale

By Tricia Hoy

Upselling drives profits—not just through higher ticket averages, but by offering guests more choices. Happy customers visit more often...and tell their friends.

But most of your staff aren’t natural sales people. Every restaurant operator struggles with the right training and incentives to get staff selling more. Your POS can make it easier.

Here are three ways:

Building a script

Building automatic suggestive selling prompts right into the POS system’s order screens helps staff upsell effectively—and consistently. SpeedLine provides a great deal of flexibility in how you can script suggestive selling prompts to pop up during the ordering process.

The best prompts are item-specific nudges based on the current order: “Extra cheese on that?” or “Make it a large for just $1 more?” In SpeedLine, that kind of prompt is easy to set up using an enforced modifier—the same tool you use to make sure staff don’t forget to ask what kind of dressing or dipping sauce the customer wants.

Speedy-Tip-car  Speedy Tip: If you’re a SpeedLine customer, check out this online tutorial: Upselling with SpeedLine.

Packaging for profit

By offering meal deals, you give guests an incentive to order more. You can use meal deals to cater to discount-seekers without lowering your regular prices. Meal deals typically don't cut as deep into profits as other discounts, and have the added benefit of driving up ticket size. In fact, some restaurants promote package deals at up to full price. The savings may not be significant, but guests perceive package promotions as deals.

For best results, use the sales and food cost numbers in your POS to identify your higher margin menu items and promote them in meal deals.

Download this free guide: 5 Keys to Crafting a Successful Value Meal.

Selling with visual aids

Adding order confirmation displays at the point of sale can go a long way to increase customer satisfaction. Used effectively, these displays can boost add-on sales with mouth-watering photos of desserts, sides, and specials on one side of the screen and order details on the other.

View a demo to learn more about upselling with customer order confirmation displays.

I read a blog post from Jan-Eric Anderson at QSR Insights recently about a creative way McDonalds handled an upsell. Read that story here.

Are using a unique and profitable upselling technique in your restaurant? Tell us about it.


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Posted by Tricia Hoy

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