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From the Archives: Offsetting Costs with Delivery Fees

Posted by Jennifer Wiebe on Mon, Feb 23, 2015 @ 12:02 PM

Are skyrocketing food and fuel prices eating into your profits? Most pizza and delivery operations charge delivery fees to offset costs. And they’re finding most customers are willing to pay the extra charge to continue enjoying the convenience of delivery.

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3 Ways to Use the Restaurant POS to Cut Red Tape and Reduce Your Tax Bill

Posted by Jennifer Wiebe on Tue, Feb 10, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

Government red tape is unavoidable—but did you know your POS can help you ensure compliance, simplify tax reporting, and even save money and avoid audits? Here are a few ways to get started.

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From the Archives: Restaurant Pricing Keys – Balancing Margin and Guest Value for Maximum Profit

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Thu, Feb 05, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

As a restaurant operator, you no doubt watch food costs carefully. But do you pay the same attention to menu pricing? Pricing your menu profitably is critical to the financial health of your business. In another look back at an On Point favourite, we re-visit Restaurant Pricing Keys: Balancing Margin and Guest Value for Maximum Profit.

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Creating a Restaurant Brand: A How-to Guide

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Mon, Feb 02, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

Differentiating your restaurant from the sea of choices can be a key to building a loyal following.

Your brand is more than a logo or a name at the bottom of an ad.  While there is no secret formula, here are some of the first steps to building a unique restaurant brand that sets you apart.

Every brand has a personality, and the most successful brands create a personality and a culture that resonates with a specific target customer. Does your brand represent who you are, what you do, and what you sell—and clearly differentiate you from your competition?

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