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From the Archives: Savvy Summer Hiring – How to Spot the Good Students

Posted by Tricia Hoy on Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 08:05 AM

savvy summer hiringAre you fully staffed for summer? It’s that time of year when students are thinking about how they can earn some money during the summer break.

Many restaurant operators find that hiring reliable staff can present challenges on a regular basis. Hiring seasonal staff has its own unique set of challenges. Before you leap into recruiting, consider these quick tips for savvy summer hiring:

Contact last summer’s staff

Get in touch with students who worked for you last year to see if they are available again. Not only will you be confident about on-boarding them based on past performance, but training these students will be much faster.

Encourage staff referrals

Are you happy with the students you have hired previously? Do they share common traits, such as being on time, having a positive attitude or being conscientious? Because birds of a feather often flock together, the student staff you’re hired in the past may be able to recommend friends with similar qualities. Consider rewarding staff (even former staff) with cash or gift cards for successful referrals. Incentives not only encourage staff to refer their friends, but it also show appreciation for employee loyalty.

Use social media

Get the word out quickly using social media. Post an ad on Facebook or Instagram, or tweet out “We’re Hiring.” Be sure to include the job title and a brief description as well as instructions on how to apply. This will expose your job to social-savvy younger staff and customers. They will also be likely to share it with their friends as well.

Online applications

Conducting in-person interviews is an important part of the hiring process to get a feel for what prospective employee are really like. But allowing students to submit an application online makes it easy for them to apply without having to arrange transportation to your restaurant.

So what’s next? With new staff on board, management efficiency is more important than ever. Manage new employees and day-to-day operations with point of sale system features such as: time tracking, messaging, events, as well as skills and credentials tracking. Many SpeedLine users recognize that their point of sale system helps streamline operations and saves time and money in multiple ways:

“SpeedLine has allowed us to more easily identify times that we were over-staffed and times when we needed more staff—and this allowed us to spend our labor dollars more wisely.” says Stephen Mapes of Happy Joes Pizza & Ice Cream, East Moline.

For more ideas on ways to streamline employee management in the restaurant:
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